Are You A New Homeowner With An Overgrown Yard And Buried Patio? Change The Space With Professional Help

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Buying a home can be exciting, but if the yard is so overgrown you have no idea what the patio looks like or what type of condition it's in, you want to get some help. The patio is an outdoor living area that’s meant to be enjoyed, so you’ll want to work fast once you get the keys to your house to find out what is underneath all the overgrowth.

Doing this all on your own can be very time-consuming. Here are a few of the things that you'll want to do to see what you have on your property.

Professional Mowing

A standard push mower may have difficulties mowing down grass and plants that are months overgrown. Have a lawn service come in to do:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Tree trimming
  • Hedge trimming
  • Weed removal

The mowing can also help to prevent pests from dwelling in the yard, and it can help avoid bugs if you want to enjoy your patio. Once the space is cleared and properly mowed, you will be able to see the yard and the patio, along with around the house.

Pressure Washing

A patio pressure washing and cleaning service can take years off the look of your patio and sidewalks with a pressure washer. Have them come to do the cleaning, to remove all the dirt and buildup, along with the sidewalks and your driveway if it is also concrete. This removes stains and oil, makes a smoother less slippery surface, and improves appearance.

This will help you restore the appearance and determine what changes you may want to make because you will be able to see and evaluate the patio without any obstructions. This is something you should have done annually after the first professional cleaning for maintenance.

Talk with the lawn service company about what weed or other treatments you should get, this could include weed killer, fertilizer, or even bug spray. Misting the backyard for mosquitoes so you can use the patio can be the difference between a peaceful night outside or humming and bug bites.

If the exterior of your home is also dingy, concrete pressure washing professionals may have a house washing service. Find out what the cost is, and if they can do it on the same day that they do your patio. Talk with the pressure washing company about the chemicals they use, the amount of time it will take, and what the cost will be to compare quotes.

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