Signs You Have Water Damage In Your Basement And What You Can Do About It

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Unfortunately, if you have a basement, you're likely to have flooding in this area as well. This is because your basement is underground and any water that goes underground can seep into your basement's walls or floors if you don't have your basement waterproofed against damage.

The best way to keep your basement safe against water damage is to have a great drainage system in the front of your property and to have your basement encapsulated or waterproofed depending on what it needs. You can do this by putting a barrier to protect against water damage on the outside of your basement around your home's exterior and also treating the inside of your basement.

Once water damage has occurred in your basement, the only solution is to do some water damage restoration. Your water damage restoration specialist will determine how much water damage you have in your basement based on how long it's been there, how extensive the damage is, and other factors. Here are signs you have water damage so you can treat the situation. You'll also find some helpful tips for treating the situation until professional help can arrive.

Your Basement Feels Cold and Damp​

Do your basement walls feel damp and cool to the touch? Do you see water dripping down the walls or lots of condensation in your basement windows? It doesn't matter if there is an actual flood, water damage is water damage. Open all your windows for ventilation and get an industrial fan in your basement to help get rid of the moisture while you wait for professional water restoration services to arrive.

Your Basement Has Warped or Peeling Floors​

It's wise to avoid gluing carpet in your basement and only use water-resistant flooring in the area. This way, should flooding or other water damage occur, you can do something about it. However, even with these precautions, you can still end up with water damaged floors should water get in this space. Warped and peeling floors mean that water has been trapped underneath floors for a while, which can mean your foundation is at risk and the subfloors need to be changed out because they may be rotted.

Pull up any flooring and carpeting you have to air out the space as much as possible, then have your water restoration company come in and make repairs as needed. Floors may need to be replaced, while others can remain so long as they are free of damage and mildew or mold.

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