Why A Manway Water Cannon Is Right For Your Industrial Tank Cleaning

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Regardless of the liquids they hold, your industrial tanks need to be cleaned and maintained properly to discourage organic growth and also prevent sludge and other inorganic materials from building up inside. That said, manually scrubbing off the dirt and grime that accumulates inside the tanks over time can be a tedious and unpleasant task that you don't want to assign to your workers. That's why you should consider using a manway water cannon instead.

Manway water cannons are powerful, hydraulically-driven robotic machines that can be used to clean large industrial tanks. They utilize a repetitive blast of water to dislodge the sludge that builds up inside the tanks. They then pump out the liquefied sludge so it can be disposed of the right way.

These robotic machines come with a high-res camera and powerful lighting system that lets cleaners see inside the tanks they are cleaning. This method of industrial tank cleaning brings many fantastic benefits to its users. Some common manway water cannon advantages are highlighted below:

No-Entry Tank Cleaning Solution

Manway water cannons are a no-entry method of cleaning, meaning cleaners don't have to enter the tank to clean it. This helps to minimize cleaner exposure to any hazardous materials that may be inside the tank.

That said, cleaners must put on the appropriate personal protective equipment for the job. 

Fast and Effective Cleaning Process

The high-pressure water from a manway water cannon ensures fast, effective, and efficient removal of sludge and other foreign elements from the tank. The time savings on your tank cleaning tasks can be used to attend to other important tasks that require your attention. 

Suitable for Different Cleaning Jobs

A manway water cannon is a highly versatile cleaning technology that can easily be adapted to almost any job. It can be configured for a gentle rinsing action or high-volume, high-pressure washes, depending on your cleaning needs. 

Proper Waste Handling and Disposal

Since it liquefies the sludge in your tanks, a manway water cannon makes it possible to pump out the tanks with a sludge pump or extractor. This helps to ensure the proper handling and disposal of the waste that is removed from your tanks. 

Clean industrial tanks are not only important for health and safety purposes, but also for extending the lifespan of the tanks. If you require cleaning services for your industrial tanks, feel free to contact a specialized cleaning company near you.

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