Buy An Older Home With Ugly Tile Floors? Stick To A Budget And Clean And Update Them Fast

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Moving into a home that needs to be updated but not having a large renovation budget can be frustrating, but if you have tile flooring you may not need to replace it. Tile flooring is a high-quality option and with the right cleaning and even sometimes painting or glazing, it can easily look modern and new.

Professional help can be beneficial for getting the look you want, without having to replace the material. Here are some of the things to have done to bring the tile new life.

Grout and Surface Cleaning

Experts have the right tools, cleaning products, and knowledge to clean the floors and grout lines as needed. You may not realize the true color of the grout, because filth and grime have accumulated over the years and the flooring was never cleaned properly.

The cleaning won't just make the tile look a lot better and be more sanitary for your household, but it will also prep the tile for work that you want to have done to it. Get a couple of quotes and compare costs to start the changing process.

Grout Sealant

If you notice there are pieces missing out of the grout lines and that the grout looks discolored, take the time to seal it. You can either refill the damaged areas on your own and then apply a sealant or get a quote from the professionals to do the work for you. The grout and tile cleaning business may offer this service as well. This preserves the life of your grout and your tile and will make the floors easier to clean.

Paint or Glaze if Needed

You will have to determine if you still aren't happy with the look of the floors after they have been properly cleaned, consider a paint or glaze. There are a variety of products that you can get at a home improvement store or tile store, and that can be applied easily with paint rollers and brushes.

Tile is a durable and high-quality flooring that can last inside your home for decades if you take the time to care for it properly. If you don't like the color or look of your tile but don't have the money to replace it, these are easy options to make the house cleaner and to preserve the tile with a modern look for the future. With professional help, you can update the tile fast and on a budget.

Contact a tile and grout cleaning service for more information. 

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