Had a Flood at Your Home? Make Sure You Check for Mold

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If you just had a flood at your home, then one problem you may have is mold. This is because mold can easily grow anywhere there is moisture. If you do find mold and you see a lot of it, you need to take steps immediately to get the mold out. Mold spores can fly and you or anyone else in your home can breathe the spores into your lungs. Fortunately, you can hire a mold remediation cleaning company to help you get the mold out. Below is information on what this company will do for you.

Inspect Your Home

When you first contact a mold remediation cleaning service they will come to your home and do a thorough inspection. This allows them to determine where there is mold growing so they know where they need to clean. You may have seen mold but there may be more mold than what you found. If you have a basement, you may have mold growing there and could even have mold growing inside the air duct system. 

Once the inspection is finished the mold remediation company will write a report and determine what they are going to charge you. You can then look over everything and decide if you want to hire them. 

Mold Remediation Process

Depending on the amount of mold that was found in your home the mold remediation cleaning company can offer many things. For example, if the mold was only in one area, they will isolate that area of your home until they are finished cleaning. They do this by closing doors and windows and sealing up all openings using polyethylene sheeting. They will mist the mold areas to help prevent the spores from becoming airborne. 

If there is still any water the mold remediation cleaning service can use a wet and dry vacuum to remove the water. Anything that can be removed from the home that has mold on it will be taken outside, such as furniture, rugs, etc. Things that cannot be cleaned will be placed in plastic bags and sealed tightly before being discarded. After this non -porous materials are cleaned. The mold remediation service will spray the contaminated areas with special cleaners and then scrub the area until there is no more mold. They may then spray the area with a mold remediation spray to help prevent the mold from growing back again.  

When the service is done all areas are disinfected and the rooms deodorized as mold can leave a musty smell behind. A second inspection will be done when the service is finished to make sure all mold was removed from your home.

To learn more, contact a mold remediation service to get started. 

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