3 Big Benefits Of Using Green Janitorial Cleaning Services

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While many people use green products at home, the green cleaning trend is yet to catch on for commercial cleaning. However, many people spend more time in the workplace than at home. It is good to be concerned about the eco-friendliness of the cleaning products in your workspace because they impact your health. They also impact the environment in different ways, including the release of ozone-depleting compounds. You can insist on using green janitorial cleaning services to avoid these risks. Why should you switch to eco-friendly cleaning services?

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Conventional commercial cleaning compounds are made of organic materials, making them strong producers of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Unfortunately, they cause ill-health to humans when inhaled.

They can irritate the eyes and the respiratory system. People with asthma are especially at risk since these compounds act as allergens and aggravate asthma attacks. They also cause skin irritations in some people. In addition, long-term exposure to these compounds causes a myriad of health complications, including kidney, liver, and central nervous system complications.

Janitorial cleaning that uses eco-friendly products makes the workspace more conducive with natural scents from essential oils like eucalyptus. Indoor air quality improves, lowering incidences of respiratory allergies. Productivity improves as fewer people call in sick with ailments.

Protect the Environment

The volatile organic compounds in conventional cleaners harm the environment. They become air pollutants and are organically absorbed in rainwater. They bind to carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides to form greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases have played a big role in global warming and climate change.

Your brand reduces its impact on the environment by using eco-friendly janitorial cleaning services. It is part of your corporate social responsibility to promote environmental sustainability.

Green Brand Image

People today are more conscious of the role of brands in environmental sustainability. They want to do business with brands that practice sustainability and support environmental conservation efforts. By using eco-friendly services, you promote the 'People, Planet, and Profit' or Triple-P mantra. It emphasizes the need for brands to be considerate of their activities on people and the environment.

Using green janitorial services is a statement that you care about the environment as a responsible global citizen. You can go a step further and get certification as a green brand. It raises your brand's image significantly among your clientele, too.

Would you like to see your brand promote eco-friendly practices? Talk to janitorial cleaning services near you and discuss using eco-friendly products.

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