What Should Be Cleaned Every Week?

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While most people are familiar with the daily chores that they want to accomplish, like clearing the sink of dirty dishes, there are many tasks that are more appropriate to be completed each week.

Do you want to know what you should clean in your home each week? These are some of the tasks that are ideally completed once a week.

Sweep & Clear the Patio

Outdoor areas are easy to forget about. They are often out of sight and out of mind. It is important that these areas are swept and wiped down regularly to ensure that these areas are ready for use. This involves a wipedown of all patio furniture, including chairs and tables.

Spot Clean Cabinets & Backsplashes

In the kitchen and bathrooms, backsplashes and cabinets can become dirty easily. Food, toothpaste, and other material can stick to cabinets, for example. Make sure that the cabinets are wiped down, including the handles.

Wipe Down Appliances

Every appliance should be cleaned weekly, from the coffeemaker to the blender. You should also be cleaning out your coffeemaker with water and vinegar.

Clean Windows

Windows are often dirty and dusty because they are easy to forget about. It is easy not to see the gradual change in windows become dirtier, but they can impact your view and impact the overall look of your home.

Wipe Down Trash Can

The trash can is often neglected because its bottom is often covered with a bag. Still, the trash can emit bad smells when it is not clean. A solid wipe down can do a lot to contain bad smells.

Clean Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors can get dirtied up with toothpaste and watermarks. Even quickly wiping down the mirrors can make your room look significantly more put together.

Dust Shelves

Shelving should be dusted regularly. Dust is easy to overlook, but guests may be quick to notice a layer of dust.

Clean Fixtures

Fixtures are touched often, and they need to be cleaned regularly. Wipe light switches, door handles, and other fixtures of the home you come into contact with daily.

Cleaning Services Can Help You Keep Up

Weekly cleaning can become quite a chore. It can be difficult for anybody to keep up with this kind of schedule, which is why so many people turn to professional cleaning services. Now is a good time to consult with a professional cleaner to take care of these chores.

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