Two Tips For Those Who Are New To Using Drop-Off Laundry Services

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If you're new to using drop-off laundry services, here are some tips you'll find helpful.

Don't assume you have to have your clean laundry dropped off at your home address

While having your clean clothes dropped off at your home address will be the most convenient option, there may be circumstances in which it's not. It's worth remembering this when letting the provider of the drop-off laundry service know the area in which you'd prefer them to leave your clothes.

For example, if on the day you're due to have your laundry delivered, you'd like to go straight to the gym or the swimming pool, but you don't have any clean gym clothes, swimwear, or a clean post-workout outfit with you, you could call the laundry service provider and tell them to drop off the laundry at your workplace. You would then have all the clean clothes you'd need for your after-work gym or swim session, and you could simply leave the other laundered garments in your car whilst you work out.

Set up an outdoor laundry-delivery container

If you know there will be occasions when you won't be home when your clean laundry arrives, you should set up a drop-off container for it. For example, you could buy a plastic, outdoor storage container and keep this in your porch or front yard so the laundry service provider can pop your clothes into it when they deliver them. This will ensure your bag of clean garments doesn't, for example, get picked up and dragged around the yard by a raccoon or a dog, or get wet if it rains.

If you get a container like this, you should secure it to some other object on your property (like the floorboards of the porch, for example) so it stays upright when it's windy. If you will be having designer clothes cleaned and dropped off, and you think there is any chance that these expensive clothes could be stolen, you might want to also get a padlock for the container. In this case, give the laundry service provider a copy of the key or, alternatively, hide it somewhere near the container (like under a garden ornament or inside a plant pot) let them know where this hiding spot is, and instruct them to return it to this place after they've put the clothes in the container and locked it.

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