How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Compare To At-Home Carpet Shampooing?

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If your carpet needs to be cleaned, you have two basic options. You can go out and purchase a home carpet shampooing system, or you can pay a carpet cleaning service to do the job. Buying and using a carpet shampooer tends to be the more affordable option, but that's really where the benefits end. If you can afford to instead pay a professional carpet cleaning company, then you should — because this approach has a lot of other benefits.

Professional equipment extracts dirt from deeper within the carpet

Home carpet shampooers can do a pretty good job of cleaning the outermost parts of the carpet that you can see. So, after you shampoo your carpet, it will generally look a whole lot cleaner. But the more powerful equipment used by professionals is capable of cleaning the carpet deeper down. This is important since a lot of the allergens in the carpet do end up being ground into the deeper parts of the fibers. In short, professional equipment results in a more thorough clean, not just a clean look.

Professional equipment leaves your carpet dryer

Professional equipment is also more effective at sucking up water after your carpet is cleaned. This means your carpet is less likely to develop mold and musty odors after a professional cleaning. It's also more convenient. You may need to leave the windows open and keep furniture out of the room for less time after a professional carpet cleaning.

Professional cleaning upholds your carpet warranty

If you check your carpet's warranty, you'll likely find that the warranty only remains valid if you have the carpet cleaned every year by a professional company. Shampooing your own carpet won't uphold that warranty, which could be a problem if the carpet becomes damaged and you need to replace it during the warranty period.

Professionals know how to pre-treat various stains and deal with other problems

If you shampoo the carpet on your own, you may spend quite a lot of time agonizing over how to best treat a particular spot from a pet mess or how to keep a worn spot from fraying further when you shampoo over it. Professionals have lots of experience dealing with these issues. They have a wide array of equipment and products for every task, so you get the best results in spite of whatever unique issues may pop up.

Professional carpet cleaning may cost a little more than shampooing your own carpet, but the cost is worth it!

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