Pressure Washer Cleaning Tips For Your Home Exterior And Decking

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The outside of your home can collect quite a bit of dirt, grime, and other stains as it is exposed to weather, birds, insects, and other materials that make it look old and unattractive. One of the best ways to keep your home exterior, siding, decking, and concrete clean is with a pressure washing service. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your property in great shape with this type of cleaning service.

Siding and Brick Cleaning

Whether the exterior of your home is brick, stucco, vinyl siding, or another material, you can clean it with the ease of a pressure washer. This cleaning option allows you to reach all the way up to the top of your home's exterior and clean off spider webs and nests that you would not be able to reach otherwise. The outside of your home can collect bird droppings that adhere and corrode the side of your home if you leave it for too long. And if your aluminum siding gets covered with oxidation, a pressure wash cleaning with a proper solution will remove the powdery residue and restore the appearance and color of your siding.

When you hire a professional pressure wash service, they will treat any staining on your home first, and take into account the material of your home's exterior so it is not damaged by a spray that is too hard. If you choose to do this yourself, watch the type of spray tip nozzle you attach onto your pressure washer and use a softer tip for vinyl, aluminum, wood, and stucco. You can use a medium hard spray on brick to remove off efflorescence and other brick and mortar stains.

Deck Pressure Washing

After you clean off the exterior of your home, you can't leave your deck lagging behind in cleanliness. It is important to keep up the condition of your deck and remove stains, spills from cookouts, dead bugs, bird droppings, and insect stains.

Keep in mind, just like the outside of your house, your wood deck can be cleaned with a soft spray tip, but a harder spray will strip off any paint, stain, and protector that you have applied. So unless you want to repaint your deck or restain it, use a medium to low flow nozzle tip. However, with a professional cleaning service, you can have your decking cleaned without having to worry about damage, as they will have the required nozzle to apply cleaner and rinse it off.

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