Protecting Your Pavers With Sealing

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Pavers can provide a homeowner with an alternative to traditional concrete. However, they will need to be protected from some common threats to ensure that they are able to last for a long time.

Why Is It Advisable To Have Your Pavers Sealed?

Sealing the pavers can be a  basic step that a homeowner can take to extend the lifespan of these ground coverings. When pavers are not protected with a sealant, they can suffer major wear due to water seeping into them. Furthermore, it can also be possible for mold and algae to cause severe discoloration. A sealant will be able to prevent these damages by keeping these substances from being able to reach the surface of the stone. Some of these sealants can also protect against solar damage, which can be important for those that are using pavers that have rich colors.

Will A Sealant Be Easy To Apply To Pavers?

Applying a sealant to pavers will not be an especially lengthy process, but it can be surprisingly tricky due to the small crevices that can be present in the stone. These areas can be hard to reach with rollers or brushes, and if they are left unprotected, then it can expose the stone to a risk of suffering these damages. To make sure that the entire paver is protected, a professional service should be hired to perform this work. In addition to ensuring that the sealant is applied properly to the pavers, these services will also be able to do the work that is needed to prepare the paves to have the sealant applied. For example, they will need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent dirt from interfering with the sealant.

Will Washing The Pavers Breakdown The Sealant?

The pavers will need to be periodically washed to remove the dirt that may have started to accumulate on them. Unfortunately, there are homeowners that may be worried that washing the pavers will result in the sealant being broken down, which can lead to skipping this important maintenance. If dirt is allowed to remain on the surface of the sealant, then it can actually contribute to it breaking down more quickly. This occurs due to the abrasion from the dirt, and its ability to retain moisture. When cleaning the pavers, make sure to only use cleaning products that are safe for use on sealed surfaces. These products make it possible to keep your pavers clean without risking damaging the seal coat that is protecting them.

 To learn more about the paver sealing process, contact professionals in your area. 

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