Carpet Cleaning Services To Keep Your Carpets Looking Their Best

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Cleaning your carpets is an important part of keeping your entire home clean on the inside. Your carpets can get tracked in with dirt and stains over time, which leads to a decrease in the carpet's appearance and smell, and leaves your home interior and family exposed to substances and solutions that you don't necessarily want residing in your carpet fibers. Here are some services you can use to keep your carpets clean and looking great.

Hot Steam Cleaning

One of the more common types of carpet cleaning methods uses hot water as the main compound of the cleaning. First, your carpet cleaning professional will treat any stains in your carpets with a pre-treatment solution.

This solution will begin to work on spots and areas of the carpet that contain heavy amounts of stains and odors. Then, the hot steam cleaning process begins as the professional use their carpet cleaner to heat water to a high temperature as it is sprayed into your carpets. The hot water mixes with the cleaning solution treatments and the dirt and stains in the carpets so it can all be sucked up in the carpet cleaner extractor.

This option does use water and can leave your carpets a bit damp for several hours, but because it uses high heat with the water, the moisture in the carpets can dry quickly. Then, because this treatment injects the water deep into the carpets, it pulls debris and dirt from the base of the fibers and into the base layer of the carpets to clean the entire carpet's layers and not just the surface fibers.

Dry Cleaning

Moisture may not always be the best method to clean out debris and dirt within your carpets, especially if you need your carpets to be dry as soon as possible. And if you live in a humid climate, using moisture to clean your carpets may put your home at risk of excessive mold growth. For this situation, you can look at a dry cleaning option to clean your carpets.

During a dry cleaning method, your professional carpet cleaner will sprinkle a powder onto your carpets that contains solvents and special cleaning compounds that will settle into the carpet's fibers. Once they allow this to sit within your carpets for a short period of time, it begins to absorb dirt and other debris and stains on the carpet that you want to remove. The carpet professional will use a machine to work the cleaning chemicals into the carpets, then they will suck them from the carpets with a dry vacuum extraction, pulling up the stains, odors, and debris in the process.

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