How Far Should You Go With Cleaning In Pandemics?

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By now, you're likely tired of all the companies contacting you about anything virus-related, and that's understandable. With this pandemic, however, there's still so little information about how the virus truly spreads that people have to look at all possibilities. Everyone has to be more careful, and tasks that might typically be once-a-year events, like duct cleaning, may now have to happen more often just to reduce the risk of viral transmission. If you've got a chart of cleaning tasks divided by repetition time, for example, you may need to do those yearly and as-needed tasks on a compressed schedule.

Surface Survival

The concern is that the virus could survive and spread even when it isn't on or in a living being. The survival time of the virus on inanimate surfaces is clearer now, and chances are high that you aren't going to have live viral particles entering your home on one day and then surviving in your ventilation ducts for months. However, viral particles could enter your home on any day, not just one. So while the survival time of each particle may be only a few days, you never know when a live viral particle entered your home. You never know if you've got live ones floating around and settling on surfaces or being sucked into HVAC vents.

Traveling on Pollution Particles

That poses a problem because researchers think the virus may actually attach to pollution particles and travel that way. The air in your home contains everything from dust to outdoor pollution that came in with regular airflow. It's not inconceivable that live viral particles could flow into your home in the air, get sucked into the vents and settle on dust in the ducts, and then get blown out into different rooms when you turn on your fan or air conditioner.

More Care Than Usual

No doubt that sounds a bit too specific -- but at this point, if it's possible, you have to treat it as something that's actually happening. Obviously you can't clean out your home's ducts every day, but cleaning out excess dust more often can help remove a potential mode of transportation for live viral particles. Even if the ducts are clear, viral particles could still get into the ducts, but then they might settle on the surface of the duct and stick there instead of settling on the looser dust that could fly out.

Duct cleaning usually doesn't have to happen that often, but nowadays, you could do worse than to have the HVAC ducts in your home cleaned more frequently. It's a quick process, so call companies to get prices and arrange for a cleaning.

For more info, contact a duct cleaning company.

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