How to Get Your Front Porch to Look Like New

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If you have a long, large front porch that looks like it belongs out of a magazine, then you know just how much character it can bring to your entire home's exterior. If, however, your porch is old and made of wood, then you also know just how much work it can be to take good care of it. From having it professionally cleaned to having it painted, there are a few things that you can do this year to get it looking just like new.

1. Power Wash the Exterior

One of the easiest ways for you to get rid of chipped paint on your wooden porch is to have it professionally power washed by exterior residential cleaning services. By using high pressured water, they will be able to get rid of all existing paint (or at least pretty close) without you having to spend days sanding down your entire front porch. While they are power washing the wood on your porch, they can also power wash your windows so that they look clean and sparkly. 

2. Paint the Exterior

Once your porch has been power washed, it's time to have all of the wood painted. Whether you decide to tackle the painting project yourself or you want to hire it out, make sure that you use professional-grade exterior latex paint. This kind of paint lasts longer and looks nice at the same time. The type of wood used for your porch will determine just how many layers of paint you'll need to apply.  

3. Clean the Exterior

After the painting crew has left, it's time to have the exterior of your house cleaned up. Because your house has already been power washed and power washing can disrupt your new paint, the painting crew might not include cleaning in their list of services. A cleaning service will do a variety of things including mopping down your wooden porch, professionally cleaning all for your windows, and cleaning off the sides of your house. You can also ask them to clean out is your gutters so that they can get rid of any leaf buildup or debris.

Having your southern style front porch looking practically like new is a great way to enhance your home's overall curb appeal. These three tips are just a few ways to better enjoy your porch area. To learn more about exterior clean up, contact an exterior residential cleaning service near you. 

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