4 Reasons Carpet Cleaning Is Important During the Pandemic

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As you and your family look ahead to what 2020 may bring, having a clean living environment has probably become more vital. If you're wondering whether to invest more in clean carpeting during this time, read on to learn why. 

1. Everyone Is Home More

With people working from home or sheltering in place, the home becomes an even larger part of their lives than it traditionally is. Kids play on the floor. Little ones crawl around. The entire family might curl up for an evening of binge-watching television or hang out on the sofa and floor to play video games. All this added activity means carpets and upholstery get dirtier than normal and need to be safer.

2. Hygiene Protects the Family

Every household is going to extra lengths to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Sanitizing and disinfecting the home as well as what comes into it are key to avoiding infection. For most people, everything that is walked on outside gets carried indoors through the carpeting. Vacuuming helps but it doesn't get rid of the most serious bacteria, debris, and even pet feces — all of which can help give room for viruses to hitchhike into your home. 

3. You Delay Replacement Costs

With the pandemic still going on, you likely don't want additional complications. Replacing old or dirty carpets is often a major undertaking. Entire rooms of furniture must be moved, carpeting and pads secured and delivered, and rooms vacated while installation fumes dissipate. And many families may not want to spend the extra money during a recession. Instead, clean rugs and upholstery to bring them back to good condition and prevent further wear and tear. 

4. You'll Be Happier

As you shelter in place, how do your carpets make you feel day after day? Do they make you happy or frustrated? Older and worn carpeting can contribute to less satisfaction in your house's condition — something that could exacerbate feelings of depression or isolation that many people are feeling at this time. An inexpensive improvement like a clean carpet can help your attitude. 

While you may not be able to carry out major changes to your home right now, you can do simple things like regular carpet cleaning. It will help your mood, protect the family's safety, and keep costs lower. Want to learn more about carpet cleaning during the Covid-19 pandemic? Start by making an appointment with a carpet cleaning service in your area today. 

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