4 Excuses People Use To Not Hire A Maid Service And Why These Are Not Good Reasons

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It is the American dream: hiring a professional to come in and clean your home so you don't have to do it on your own. Yet, so many people who could benefit from a residential cleaning service never hire one to help. Here's a look at some of the reasons why and why those reasons really are unwarranted. 

Excuse: It's weird to have a stranger cleaning your house. 

This is probably the number one excuse people use to not hire a maid cleaning service to clean their homes. It is understandable; your home is your private quarters. Your dirty laundry, your unscrubbed toilet, and your dust bunnies under the bed are your private business. Just remember, maids are not in your home to judge you or your dirt. They are providing a service in which they take a lot of pride in, and they see all kinds of messes on a daily basis. Plus, most of the service professionals in the industry are trained in being courteous and kind to help you feel more comfortable about them being in your house. 

Excuse: Hiring a maid is something only rich people do. 

It is true that a lot of wealthy people have full-time maids who clean their homes on an almost daily basis. However, the modern-day maid service is just as fitting for general people with ordinary incomes. You can hire a service to come in just a few times a month or only one time if that's what you want, and the services are rather affordable. For example, you may only pay between $30 and $60 per room. 

Excuse: The house is just fine with an occasional cleaning. 

Most people do keep their homes relatively clean, but there is nothing quite like a good deep-cleaning. The maid service will get to all those little details that you may rarely have time to do, such as: 

  • Spending an hour on cleaning the tub and shower 
  • Tackling the tiny pockets of dust that gather around the baseboards 
  • Scrubbing the walls with a sanitizing solution 
  • Wiping down and polishing all the light fixtures in the house
  • Stripping grime from wood flooring and then waxing it 

Excuse: You can do just as good of a job cleaning the house. 

You may be able to do a really good job of cleaning your own house; a lot of people do. However, professionals who clean for a living know all the inside tricks, products, and methods to really give your home that deep-down clean that is meant to impress. Maid cleaning service pros use their plethora of skills and tools to clean the house to a degree that you may never achieve on your own.

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