How Can You Patch Damaged Carpet?

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Replacing carpet can get pretty expensive. Luckily, if only a small part of your carpet is damaged, then you should not have to replace the entire thing. There are carpet patching services that will come to your home, remove the damaged patch of your carpet, and put a fresh piece of carpet in its place. If you're really brave, you can even patch the carpet yourself. Here's how.

1. Find a scrap of the carpet.

If you still have some scraps left over from when you had the carpet installed, then this step is easy. If you don't have any scraps of your carpet, then this step might take a while. Figure out your carpet's manufacturer (you might find this information on the contract you were given when the carpet was installed). Give them a call, and provide them with the carpet's serial number or color name. Most carpet manufacturers will happily send you a small sample you can use to patch your carpet. Some will send this for free, and others will charge you a small amount.

2. Cut out the damaged carpet.

Use a utility knife, and cut out the piece of carpet that is damaged. Be careful not to cut away too much, as smaller pieces are easier to replace. You do want to remove the damaged carpet in one piece so that it is easier to trace around in the next steps. So be confident with your cuts, and make sure you're pressing down far enough to fully cut through the carpet. Don't worry if you cut the pad a little bit, but try not to cut all the way through it.

3. Cut out a new piece of carpet.

Place the old piece of damaged carpet over your piece of carpet scrap, and use your utility knife to cut around the edge, creating a brand new piece of carpet. 

4. Apply adhesive, and put the carpet patch in place.

Apply a generous amount of carpet adhesive along the edges of the carpet where the damaged piece was removed, and on the padding that your removal of the patch has exposed. Then, carefully set the patch in place. Press down on it firmly to make sure it adheres. Let the adhesive dry for 24 hours, and the use your fingers to ruffle the edges of the carpet patch. The patch should become less obvious. Wait another day, and then vacuum over the patch to remove any loose adhesive and dust. Now, you're done!

Patching your carpet can get a bit intricate, so if you struggle with this at all, contact someone for carpet repair services in your area.

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