Keeping Your Store Front Looking Great With Window Washing Services

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The windows on the front of your business or storefront are the first thing people see as they approach your business. If the glass is dirty and you can't see well through windows, you may want to hire a window washing service to deal with them for you. 

Storefront Windows

Often retail stores have large glass windows in the front of the store that allow them to display merchandise for people to see. Often they will add advertising to the glass windows as well. Keeping the glass clean can mean washing them several times a week if the store is located on the street with a lot of traffic on it, or where the wind blows against the front of the store, bringing dirt with it. 

Washing the large windows can be difficult because of the size of them. The window washing company may need to have special equipment to reach all of the glass, and if the storefront is tall, they may even need a lift to reach the top of the glass. Talk with the window washing service about your building and have them come and look at the building so you can get a quote for the service. 

Clean and Clear

When the windows washing service washes the glass for you, it is essential that the glass is clean and does not have a lot of streaks on the glass. Using the wrong cleaners or using water that is dirty on the glass can leave the glass looking worse than before cleaning them. 

The right tools for the job can make a difference as well. If the water or cleaner is left on the glass, it will streak, so the window service needs to use a rubber squeegee to remove the excess cleaner from the glass.

Special Situations

Buildings that have large glass exteriors on them require window washing services that can work at extreme heights. Many times that means using a rig that hangs from the roof, and it is important that people working on the rig can handle the heights. Running the washing rig or platform requires the washer to have the proper training to operate it as well. 

Some window services use lifts from the ground if they can reach the entire front of the building that way, but if the lift has limits to its maneuverability, it can be challenging to use and make the job more difficult. For skyscrapers and extremely large buildings, you may need to look for window washers that have specialized tools and equipment to do the job.

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