Tips To Keep Your Home Interior Clean And Disinfected

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The condition of your home interior can contribute to the health and wellness of your family. A home that is cluttered, dusty, and dirty will increase the occurrences of illness and asthma, and leave your home in an unpleasant condition to say the least. Here are some home cleaning tasks and tips you can complete on a regular basis to keep your home free of dirt, dust, and microbes.

Clean the Floors

With foot traffic in and out of your home the dirt and dust from outside can enter your home and build up on the floors and on other surfaces. From pets to children and visitors, floor cleanliness can be a constant battle. This is why it is so important to keep your home's floors cleaned and stay ahead of the influx of dirt. 

Sweep your hard surface floors, such as tile, hardwood floor, and vinyl with a broom or dust mop each day, especially in high traffic areas. Lay down a rug on the floor of any home entryways to help catch dirt before it gets tracked in and vacuum or shake the rugs several times each week. 

Use a vacuum on carpeted floors in your home once or twice each week and daily in high-traffic areas, such as in the living space of a room where your front door is located. Although it can be difficult to stay up on floor cleaning on a daily basis when you work and live a busy schedule, you can also hire a cleaning service to handle just one or two simple tasks, such as vacuuming and sweeping in your home for an overall improvement in your home's cleanliness.

Disinfect Common Surfaces

In addition to your floors getting a high amount of dirt from traffic, high-touch surfaces are another collection point within your home that need extra cleaning. High-touch surfaces in your home can be a collection point of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. High-touch surfaces include areas such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and other areas that your family members touch a lot. 

It is important to wipe down these areas to remove harmful microbes so your family does not get sick. Just one family member who is sick with a virus, for example, can touch all these surfaces within your home and potentially infect every other family member. If you don't clean the surfaces on a daily basis, this can easily occur.

Use a disinfecting cleaner and a paper towel or cleaning cloth and wipe down common surfaces each day. Be sure you make the surface visibly wet and allow it to air dry in order to kill any microbes. If you don't have a disinfecting solution, you can use isopropyl alcohol or bleach and water.

Staying on top of cleaning can seem stressful and time consuming for some people. If you are on frequently on a tight schedule, consider hiring a home cleaning service to help. 

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