Rent Out A Home? 4 Reasons To Utilize Carpet Cleaning Between Tenants

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If you have owned a rental property for a while, you may have learned quite a lot about all the major and minor details that impact your rental's success. The way that your rental looks when you show it off to potential renters will undoubtedly play a huge role how many of them apply.

When you are working as a landlord and want to improve results with the rental property, you should start committing to carpet cleaning services between tenants.


After a tenant moves out, you may like to go in with a vacuum and thoroughly clean all the carpeting in the house. When you combine this with using stain removal products on any stains, you may be able to achieve decent results with making the carpet look fresh and new again.

However, even with a strong vacuum and stain removal products, you will find that carpet cleaners can produce better results with their commercial-grade equipment and products. If you want photos and videos to look as impressive as possible, you should use a carpet cleaning service.


If you know that the carpet in the house is not that old, you can look forward to maximizing the lifespan of the carpet with professional cleaning between tenants. When a tenant stays long enough, you may even want to get carpet cleaning while they are still in the house because carpet that has not been deep cleaned in several years will easily benefit from professional cleaning.


In an ideal situation, you will not have to worry about dealing with damage to the carpeting. But, anyone is capable of making mistakes, which means you cannot go wrong with being prepared for carpet damage. While most carpet cleaning companies are not equipped to handle major repairs, you should find out whether a company can handle minor ones during their service.

This will give you peace of mind knowing that you do not need to go out and find another professional to hire before you can start marketing your vacant rental.


If you allow pets in the rental home, you may find that the odor of cats and dogs can linger around even after a tenant moves away. When you want to keep anything from turning people away from the rental during a tour, you should make sure the place smells neutral or desirable. This makes deodorization service worth considering because it will make the rental smell better.

Investing in carpet cleaning between tenants with your rental has a few major benefits.

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