Home Clean-Up Recommendations For Water Damage

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Moisture intrusion into your home is not something you want to deal with as a homeowner. Water can make its way through cracks to completely saturate areas with dirty or polluted water from some nasty origins inside and outside your home. But when a moisture problem occurs inside your house, there are some great resources you can utilize to help clean up your home and get it back to where it was before the water intrusion. Here are some recommendations to use for your home clean-up when there has been water and moisture damage.

Carpet Extraction

Your home's carpeting will absorb a great deal of moisture coming into your home just because it is at the lowest elevation in a room and has highly absorbent qualities through its fibers and padding. Some carpeting can be saved after water damage has occurred to it, depending on how long it has sat wet and what is combined with the floodwater.

If your carpeting came into contact with sewage of any type it needs to be disposed of and the area cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant. You can contact a professional water clean-up business, as they specialize in removing dirty floodwater and restoring the interior of your home. Otherwise, if your carpets were soaked with rainwater or clean water from a broken pipe in your home, a water restoration company can extract the water from the carpeting and other areas so you can begin to dry out the affected areas.

Mold Remediation

Sometimes your home interior will experience mold growth from excessive water damage. Mold can begin to grow under moist conditions in as quickly as one to two days. And sometimes you may not discover the moisture-damaged area soon enough to prevent mold growth.

Removing mold growth from your home should be completed thoroughly with a professional remediation company if the area makes up more than ten square feet of space. For smaller areas, use a bleach solution to wipe the mold off the surface and allow the solution to air dry to eliminate any additional mold spores.

Fan Placement

It is also important to dry out your home after the excessive water and mold growth have been removed. You can do so with the use of mobile fans that will circulate the air. If you live in a humid area, use a dehumidifier or your home's heating system to help dry out spaces. Otherwise, open your home's windows to help get the area dry.

For more information, contact a water damage restoration service.

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