Spring Cleaning The Exterior Of Your Home

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Spring cleaning usually has homeowners cleaning out closets and the usual junk drawer in the home. It is important to not neglect the exterior of your home too. A yearly spring cleaning of the exterior can be a great way to keep things looking great and in good repair. The exterior of your home should be kept up to help preserve your property value and help avoid things like water damage or mold. Here are three things you should focus on every year to keep things working and looking great:

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the gutters of your home is a crucial home maintenance task. Every year, this needs to be done well to avoid the build-up of debris that can block gutters. Leaves from trees, dirt, and other things build up every year in your gutters as rain runs off the roof and heads for these channels. Keeping them clean allows for the water to flow in the right direction and in the proper channels. Overfull gutters can cause water to sit on roof corners and seep through layers of roofing materials and right into your home. Hiring a cleaning service to do the gutter cleaning may be a smart idea. Climbing up on ladders or rooftops to get them clean can be dangerous and very time-consuming. Finding a professional cleaning service that has lots of experience and the right tools for the job can help ensure it is done right. 

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing the exterior of your home can be a great way to do some spring cleaning. Over the year, your home will have a layer of dirt from all the wind and rain. Spider webs and other pests like wasps can build nests that are attached to the home. Some homes begin to grow moss or have issues with mold and dirt that destroy the exterior siding of a home. Rot is something you can help avoid by keeping things clean and monitoring the siding to know when it is time to repaint or reseal things to prevent further damage. Pressure washing is done with a water stream set to a very specific level of pressure to remove dirt and make the color of the home look new again. 

Consider spending some time spring cleaning the exterior of your home before you sort through your closet. Maintaining the value of your property will help you take care of your investment and help you feel proud of your home.

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